No Age – An Object

noageanNow a well-established name in music, LA-based noise duo No Age definitely has a well-defined sound. The partnership of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt has formed the framework of a booming lo-fi dynamo, as the two continue to crank out track after track of noise-saturated garage punk. This growth has culminated in the Sub Pop band’s latest LP, An Object. Fans of past No Age albums will find this new release familiar in tone and style, but will also notice that No Age continues to push artistic experimentation on every frontier. An Object percolates with numerous ambient sounds, which sprawl in the listener’s ears. There is plenty of buzzing, chirping, twinkling, and humming, all looped chaotically in the background. Some tracks, such as “Commerce, Comment, Commence” and “A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor”, center on flourishing noise sections that push more towards shoegaze than noise rock.

On the other side of the spectrum, tracks like the single, “C’mon, Stimmung”, and “Lock Box” maintain a high punk energy above the noise. Spunt’s hypnotic drumming blends well with the rhythmic combination of droning guitar riffs and cascading delay. In the lull of this fluctuating punk energy, though, there is also a strong notion of artfulness. There is indeed intention behind No Age’s cacophony, both loud and soft. The artistic side of the album, while definitely present, is not a part of the foreground for the listener, who instead probably focuses towards the general flow of the album. Because of its unpredictable direction, the album can be a very visceral experience, that probably translates excellently into a live show.

For information on about No Age’s upcoming show at the Ojai Rancho Inn on Wednesday, September 25, visit this link (click HERE).

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