Programmer of the Month: Dave Sanders of Nerd Corps

daveHappy March to all the KCSB fans and programmers out there. This month, KCSB would like to honor a fairly new community programmer who has already become a major addition to the station, Dee Jay Acronym, aka Dave Sanders, of Nerd Corps. Dave is both a highly involved volunteer, and a standout DJ, and for that we are honoring him as the Programmer of the Month for March!

Dave is a frequent face around the station, and is always eager to learn and contribute. He is a big help both at volunteer shakedowns and as an assistant engineer for KCSB’s various live shows. This month, he’s also taken on a lot of responsibility keeping KCSB playing live 24/7 by subbing various shows over spring break as well. But Dave’s own show is his greatest contribution to the station.

As the only nerdcore show on the current schedule, Nerd Corps embodies KCSB’s mission to provide airtime to underrepresented artists and genres. Many might not know what nerdcore is, yet even the least nerdy of us can enjoy the fun, comical lyrics about nerdiness of all varieties that Dave plays on his show Tuesday mornings midnight – 2am. Nerd Corps features major nerdcore artists like MC Lars, mc chris, and Optimus Rhyme. On March 11, Dave even got to air an interview he did with nerdcore king mc chris about his new album MC Chris Forever, his new favorite candy, and more. But Dave also reaches out to the more obscure nerd artists and genres. Many of Dave’s playlists feature self-released or underground artists. Hidden treasures more often than not! If you see Dave around the station, say hi to him or give him a congratulations, and groove along to his awesome show! Thanks Dave!

Nerd Corps airs Tuesday mornings from midnight – 2am in the winter.

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